Brian & Sarah McCoy - Top Earners

Brian & Sarah McCoy – Top Earners

Sarah and I started with the company day 1 because of the top notch ownership.  They are the “who’s who” of the network marketing industry. Daren Falter, for example, Yoli’s Executive Vice President wrote the “Bible” on the industry in the book, “How to Select a Network Marketing Company” and had previously been hired as a consultant for some of the largest companies in our industry.  Not only have they all been successful in multiple businesses, but most importantly to us was their hearts!  They are TRUE SERVANT LEADERS and have a great heart and love for people.  I believe God put us on this earth to love and serve people.  The simplicity of our systems is what is most impressive and is what makes 90% of our Diamonds fall into 2 categories: (A) Never done network marketing or (B) Have done 4, 5, or more companies and never had success until Yoli.  I don’t have a college degree so if I can do it, anyone can!  Sarah and I invite you to join us in this venture of TRANSFORMING LIVES… Yoli has done it both physically and financially for us as we are humbled to be the 1st Million Dollar Club Members and will be happy to show you how we’ve accomplished it.  Feel free to call us at 308-390-6172 with any questions.

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